43actions.com » GTD to-do list for iPhone and iPod touch

o)) Comment [1]  |  Jan 12, 09:42 PM

Advanced to-do list and Getting Things Done (GTD) organizer for iPhone and iPod touch. Check it out at 43actions.com

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olb.tumblr.com » Sanity is Statistical blog

o))  |  Jan 12, 06:00 PM

I have a new, personal blog hosted at the cool Tumblr enterprise. I’ll pour my thoughts there more frequently than here, which over the years have felt more and more like a sandy desert.


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Proud Member of Daringfireball.net

o)) Comment  |  Apr 21, 05:16 PM

When I saw that John Gruber of Daringfireball.net fame was going to quit his full-time job and spend all his time on the website, I just had to support him. Got a very nice white T-shirt as what I consider a bonus.

Good Luck, JG!

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Web: Donna Dashingwood Movie Site

o)) Comment on the design  |  Dec 24, 09:27 PM

New site launched today for animated short movie Donna Dashingwood. Movie made by Sara Axelsson, Sweden in 2004-2005.


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Web: New Blog Design

o)) Comment  |  Dec 13, 08:33 PM

Happy Holidays!

Took the opportunity while redesigning avocade.com to also refine the design of this blog. Hope you like it. Be sure to check out the three different style-sheets at the bottom.

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Render Farm On Demand

o)) Comment  |  Aug 18, 03:40 PM

How cool would it be to have your own Render Farm, like the ones of WETA, Pixar or ILM fame? Sure, they’re pretty expensive and most often require a full-time technical team comprised of Ph.D’s to manage the hurdles.

Xserve Renderfarm

But what if, perhaps now that bandwidth is both pretty good and cheap, you could use someone else’s render-farm to render your 3D-scenes—over the internet?

    And just when you thought you had a fresh idea, it turns out someone else has been doing it for years. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised …

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Internet TV Is Upon Us

o)) Comment  |  Aug 10, 12:33 AM

Digital TV

I just had to write a blurb recognizing the effort of some great people. They have, on their own and for the benefit of us all, created an iTunes-like video-aggregator called DTV which will let you subscribe to video-feeds as easy as podcasts in iTunes.

(There is only a Mac-client out now, but the Windows version should be out in a couple of weeks.)

Granted, there are still some bugs to work out and some code-optimizing to be done. But this is just the first version. It can only get better from here.

We’ve now had the democratization of print, courtesy of blogs. We’ve had democratization of audio and radio, courtesy of podcasts. And now we’re beginning the democratization of video and TV which, arguably, is the single most powerful medium in the world. However, this will take a long time to saturate down from the alpha-geeks to the regular couch-potato.

We live in a (mostly) democratic world. But until now, that has only been on paper, mostly because of Big Media. Finally, with the true realization of the global interweb has it been possible for true liberation of the media. I’m very excited about this.

Boycott Internet Explorer

o))  |  Aug 3, 12:50 AM

Get Firefox!

When even one of the most avid Windows fans and journalists out there proclaims that Microsoft Internet Explorer is a “cancer on the web”, you know something is terribly, terribly wrong.

Not that we haven’t known this for a long time, but anyway …

Apple's Sneaky DRM-business

o)) Comment  |  Aug 1, 05:06 PM

Just as I was planning to start writing my own article about the iTunes DRM-sneakiness, The Inquirer comes out with a nice, punchy article on the subject. And it’s later followed-up with a nice long discussion over at Slashdot.


    Apple’s Sneaky DRM-business just got that much sneakier. Rumors are true that Apple will be switching to Intel chips. This might mean that one of my greatest fears of long could be realized, namely that Apple will begin using DRM-enabled hardware to stop copying of protected files. It’s possible that the Hollywood Studios won’t let Apple build its rumored iTunes Movie Store until they have these counter-measures in place (however there are some indications, even from the companies themselves, that DRM will probably fail in this regard in the long run—so if it’s not meant to protect movies, what is it meant to do…?). In short, this could possibly be really, really bad news. I’m not buying crippled hardware anytime soon—even from the only hardware company I really love. And it seems at least Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing fame is with me on this one.

The original topic of the talk was that Apple is continuing to strip down the rights of what you can or can not do with your legally bought music off the iTunes Music Store.

One example is that some year ago you could burn 10 CDs of a playlist, now it’s down to 7. Another one is that before iTunes 4.7.1 you could let people stream music from you however much you wanted—now it seems you can do one (1) session per 24 hours…

I’m still not using the iTMS myself since us here in Sweden seem to be among Apple’s low-prioritized countries. This sounds to me like a very evil and bad and—most menacing—sneaky thing to do. Gollum-sneaky even, or worse. Not considering it’s probably illegal in some way, too. It can’t be allowed to lock customers in and gradually strip away their rights. Not in the United States of America, whose grand agenda is pro-public and not pro-corporation… or at least should be.

I’ll write a more extensive article on this very important subject later on. It’s very important since this isn’t only about Apple—this is what will soon happen with all the DRM-protected media we buy over the net. When they have a firm grip of your balls (or boobs) they won’t let go, and you’ll be forced to follow or flee.


    Against TCPA
    Protect Privacy
    The protests begin …

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Technorati Tag-test

o))  |  Jul 31, 10:34 PM

Testing with out tags in the body!

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Finally on Technorati

o))  |  Jul 31, 08:34 PM

It took some serious time to get done, but now I’m there. Feels great. Let’s get the discussions rolling! ...
Technorati Logo

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Rent a Movie - 99 Cents a Day?

o)) What's your take?  |  Jul 18, 11:40 AM

Apple seems posed, with its “Year of the HD” (a.k.a. High-Definition Video) to revolutionize and redefine the movie distribution business like they did the music business. They really haven’t got a very long way to go, actually. Far less than most would think. With the iTunes Music Store Apple has fine-tuned its delivery-system for distributing huge masses of songs over the net.

Steve Jobs MWSF'05 - Year of HD
Steve Jobs at MacWorld San Francisco 2005

They do it fast and reliably thanks to their partners Akamai, hosting content-servers all over the world. They have the Store concept; so instead of a 30 second preview of a song, give customers a 3 minute, streaming, low-quality preview of each movie. This stuff is pretty straightforward, but what’s different from the music business here, is that while people want to own their music, they are much more willing to rent their movies.

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Web: New Design for Sound Studios

o)) Comment on the new design  |  Jul 16, 06:26 PM

Thought I’d make it more of a retro style. Yes, I’m from that decade… Well, at least I have “that” attitude.

Sound Studios design v1

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Beautiful Quartz Compositions

o)) Impressed?  |  Jun 30, 09:15 PM

I’m so glad that people have started using the new technologies in Tiger to make amazing stuff. This time it’s Quartz Composer that shows its stripes.

Kudos to Zuga Kousaku for letting us view (and download) his slick creations for free.

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Music: Elektronische Etude

o))  |  Mar 10, 10:13 AM

Web: Avocade.com's New Front

o))  |  Mar 5, 12:37 PM

Remade to be angled more as a portal towards the other sites I host at avocade.com.

Here’s some more info on the services that Avocade Creations has to offer.

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Music: Konkret Etude

o))  |  Mar 4, 04:25 PM

Download and give it a listen.

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Web: New Site for David Löfberg Is Up

o))  |  Mar 4, 02:14 PM

Just finished David’s personal website. I simply took his photoshop-mockup and did the magic “convert-to-html”-oldie. Give it a fly-by at david.avocade.com.

Warning: The language is Swedish, so please don’t kill yourself if you don’t get it.

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Software: Mail to iPod Script

o))  |  Mar 1, 02:56 PM

Created an AppleScript a while ago to move my newest email’s from Mail to my iPod automatically. Had forgot about it but recently when I Googled my name it popped up.

Also seems like a guy named Ben Klocek found a bug and fixed it, so the version to get now is 1.2. Enjoy!

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