Welcome to the personal site of Oskar Lissheim-Boethius. This is my cave. Here I write about everything that crosses my mind, but mostly on topics regarding Technology, Apple, Design, Art, Politics and of course Music.

If you're looking for what I do creatively apart from writing, check out the "creations" page.

To get in touch with me, the fastest way is probably by phone, second fastest by email. Use my public PGP-key to send secure emails.
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Important note: If the layout on this site looks bad, it's because you're unfortunately still using Internet Explorer. IE is a total mess and is very unreliable regarding web-standards. And as if that wasn't bad enough, it's also a sure way to get viruses and spyware on your PC. And if you're tired of Mac- and Linux-users telling you to stop using IE all the time, just listen to this guy, then I'd be surprised if you didn't make the switch.

Please make the switch to Firefox or some other secure, standards compliant browser to view this site (as well as many others) in all its intended glory. You will never look back. Now, enough with the ranting.

Below are some of the other sites I'm running, like the design-house Avocade Creations, and the sound/music production-house Sound Studios Sweden. Check them out:

The inner workings of this site, and the tools I use to create:


All content on this site, not including the recorded music (due to recording rights outside my own control, sorry) and unless specified otherwise, is offered to you under the CC (Creative Commons) Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs license.

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Q: About the design. Why use such thin columns?
A: Simple reason: It's easier to read. Why do you think newspapers still use columns? Because it enables people to read stuff quickly. Humans aren't too well equipped to read text with lines as wide as the screen, as I'm sure you've noticed while visiting some less designed, text-abundant sites.

And as a bonus, this site is very readable on smaller monitors as well as hand-helds. We really need to start thinking about all these new, tiny devices accessing the web more and more frequently these days. If users find that your website doesn't view well on their tiny screens, well guess what; they'll never visit it again. And finally as an added bonus-bonus, it's easier to read for disabled and/or elderly people. I welcome you all :)

Q: Why did you make this site?
A: I needed a place to express my digital frustration, thoughts and love. I also enjoy very much designing and building websites. Probably just as much as you love visiting them -- ...

Q: You actually enjoy doing that?! How about doing one for me?
A: Sure. I get that all the time (ehm...). Seriously, though, just contact me in some way and we'll discuss the practical matters.

Q: So,this isn't the only website you've made? You suggested that yourself.
A: Correct. This is, hmm ... let me think, my third or fourth personal site, and about the tenth website I've created myself. I think. But don't take my word for it. You can visit some of them by paying tribute to my digital tombstone. I've also listed some of my other, live sites in the left column.

Q: Hey, nice work dude. Where can I donate some money to you?
A: Well, thanks mate! If you feel you'd like to contribute to making my life a bit easier on the economic front, please consider dropping a few bucks to my PayPal account. I promise it won't go to booze. Not all of it. Promise.

L I N K S   I   L I K E

Here are some sites I really like. For more frequently updated links, check out the Linked list.
  • Apple - best computers, best operating system, best users ;)

  • DaringFireball - Good insight into the world of Mac and Apple (and iPod). By the font/typography/design-masochist John Gruber. I feel strangely related to this guy...

  • k10k.net - another great design-site

  • Ljudvågor - our contemporary music festival in visby, sweden

  • Surfstation - great design-site

  • Textpattern - this blog management system is used on this site, simply because it rules

  • Wired Magazine - one of the best tech magazines out there


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