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o))  |  18. August 2005, 14:40

How cool would it be to have your own Render Farm, like the ones of WETA, Pixar or ILM fame? Sure, they’re pretty expensive and most often require a full-time technical team comprised of Ph.D’s to manage the hurdles.

Xserve Renderfarm

But what if, perhaps now that bandwidth is both pretty good and cheap, you could use someone else’s render-farm to render your 3D-scenes—over the internet?

    And just when you thought you had a fresh idea, it turns out someone else has been doing it for years. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised …

H O S T I N G   T H E   F A R M

How about an internet-only company hosting a massive farm in-house that you could rent time on for your very own purpose? Wouldn’t it be cool to send in your finished scene-file from Maya, 3D Studio Max or Shake to this company, over the net, and have their render-farm crunch through it for you?

It would probably be an order of magnitude faster than your own machine, especially if you’re doing a sequence of images, let’s say for a movie. And it wouldn’t be much of a hurdle to upload since these scene-files and textures aren’t necessarily that huge.

When the farm is ready crunching you could get an email with a download link to your own HDTV-resolution QuickTime movie-file of the sequence, rendered in pristine, beautiful PRenderMan quality.

Powerful computing-on-demand could certainly be used for many other things than rendering pretty pictures. So what would you use it for?

The Gillmor Gang discussed this topic Feb 4th. And here are some Slashdot tips for setting up your own render farm.

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