Internet TV Is Upon Us

o))  |   9. August 2005, 23:33

Digital TV

I just had to write a blurb recognizing the effort of some great people. They have, on their own and for the benefit of us all, created an iTunes-like video-aggregator called DTV which will let you subscribe to video-feeds as easy as podcasts in iTunes.

(There is only a Mac-client out now, but the Windows version should be out in a couple of weeks.)

Granted, there are still some bugs to work out and some code-optimizing to be done. But this is just the first version. It can only get better from here.

We’ve now had the democratization of print, courtesy of blogs. We’ve had democratization of audio and radio, courtesy of podcasts. And now we’re beginning the democratization of video and TV which, arguably, is the single most powerful medium in the world. However, this will take a long time to saturate down from the alpha-geeks to the regular couch-potato.

We live in a (mostly) democratic world. But until now, that has only been on paper, mostly because of Big Media. Finally, with the true realization of the global interweb has it been possible for true liberation of the media. I’m very excited about this.


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