Apple's Sneaky DRM-business

o))  |   1. August 2005, 16:06

Just as I was planning to start writing my own article about the iTunes DRM-sneakiness, The Inquirer comes out with a nice, punchy article on the subject. And it’s later followed-up with a nice long discussion over at Slashdot.


    Apple’s Sneaky DRM-business just got that much sneakier. Rumors are true that Apple will be switching to Intel chips. This might mean that one of my greatest fears of long could be realized, namely that Apple will begin using DRM-enabled hardware to stop copying of protected files. It’s possible that the Hollywood Studios won’t let Apple build its rumored iTunes Movie Store until they have these counter-measures in place (however there are some indications, even from the companies themselves, that DRM will probably fail in this regard in the long run—so if it’s not meant to protect movies, what is it meant to do…?). In short, this could possibly be really, really bad news. I’m not buying crippled hardware anytime soon—even from the only hardware company I really love. And it seems at least Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing fame is with me on this one.

The original topic of the talk was that Apple is continuing to strip down the rights of what you can or can not do with your legally bought music off the iTunes Music Store.

One example is that some year ago you could burn 10 CDs of a playlist, now it’s down to 7. Another one is that before iTunes 4.7.1 you could let people stream music from you however much you wanted—now it seems you can do one (1) session per 24 hours…

I’m still not using the iTMS myself since us here in Sweden seem to be among Apple’s low-prioritized countries. This sounds to me like a very evil and bad and—most menacing—sneaky thing to do. Gollum-sneaky even, or worse. Not considering it’s probably illegal in some way, too. It can’t be allowed to lock customers in and gradually strip away their rights. Not in the United States of America, whose grand agenda is pro-public and not pro-corporation… or at least should be.

I’ll write a more extensive article on this very important subject later on. It’s very important since this isn’t only about Apple—this is what will soon happen with all the DRM-protected media we buy over the net. When they have a firm grip of your balls (or boobs) they won’t let go, and you’ll be forced to follow or flee.


    Against TCPA
    Protect Privacy
    The protests begin …

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